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The Palette of Living: The Intrinsic Value of Home Interior Design

Although not necessarily all, but some people think that the sophistication, or at least, the intricate attention that others pay to home interior designs are nothing but mere whims of vanity in an attempt to impress others and show how much style and glamour they have in their life. Such claims are foolish based on the grounds that the judgment of a person who has never practiced such an art is baseless.Life is an art. Life can be pretty. Life can be miserably ugly. Life is what you make it. Life is an art. Just like an artist trying to paint a picture, not all of the details he makes is perfect. But even if this is the case, he still tries to make the most out of whatever is within his control. Since the life of each of us is an art, like an unfinished painting where we are the artists, then we could also make the most beauty out of whatever is within our control. We might have the most terrible job in the world, or the worst life story one could ever imagine, still, our lives are never fully out of control. While it is possibly true – or maybe not – that many things are beyond the scope of our ability to control, there are still many things that we can do to uplift our spirit despite all the stress brought about by the chaos of life. One of this many things that we could control is our ability to adjust our home interior design.In life, just like in art (as it has always been emphasized in this article), we make one work of art at every one moment that passes by, all of which will become a part of one huge art work that becomes completed at the conclusion of our life. In order for this huge art work to become worth seeing both for the artist and for the audience, a palette of paint must be designed based on the concept of the artist’s vision of the art work. This palette is the home interior design. It is inside our house that we bring our sorrows, our hopes, and our plans of how we want our life to be. Thus, we must design the interiors of our home to suit the vision that we have for our life. So, if we vision our life as one with a serene flow of events, then we should design our homes with things that reflect this ideal. These things could be a small water fountain that flows peaceful and the walls, furniture and fixtures should have the color theme which is dominated by white. If one has the ideal of life as accepting and active, then colors such as beige or light orange could dominate the walls. If one wants to live with the ideals of the orient life, then he may of course choose to fill his home with things that reflect these things such as wooden floors and pavements with touches of Japanese, Korean, or Chinese design. Now, if one’s home becomes designed to serve the very purpose he intended for his life, then, whatever it is that went against his way, he may always come home, take a rest, and be reminded of the vision of his life and move on to the next day.